Novice Finals

  • This House would prevent employers from accessing the criminal records of potential employees (excluding sex offences)
  • ESL Finals

  • This House supports surrogacy for profit.
  • Grand Final

  • This House supports the narrative that one should strive to make a meaningful impact on the world even at the expense of one's own happiness
  • Semifinals

  • This House regrets the trend of young activists becoming leaders of social movements.
  • Quarterfinals

  • This House prefers a world where government decisions are made by individuals who are experts in specific fields (e.g. health, education, environment, justice) instead of elected politicians.
  • Round 4

  • This House regrets the emphasis placed on personality in politics.
  • Round 3

  • This House would ban the media from reporting on terrorist attacks in the immediate aftermath.
  • Round 2

  • This House believes that mass tourism does more harm than good in developing nations.
  • Round 1

  • This House believes that schools should teach more life skills (e.g. cooking, driving, financial literacy) at the expense of academic subjects (e.g. Maths, Science, History).